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Developers use forced auctions to snap up Hong Kong’s older buildings for redevelopment amid city’s land shortage - Hong Kong City Portal
Hong Kong’s Property Crisis Has No Easy Solutions
 · Hong Kong has a housing crisis that goes beyond a critical shortage of land. There is no easy solution. On the face of it, the government’s reluctance to accelerate housing
Without a long-term land bank. Hong Kong faces a development crisis | South China Morning Post

Insights into the Data Centre Landscape in Hong Kong …

 · Hong Kong also has a shortage of land for future Data Centre development The cost of land in Hong Kong is a problem for future Data Centre …
land shortage | Our Hong Kong Foundation
Columbaria Shortage
Columbaria Shortage How Hong Kong residents compete for space after death March 31, 2020 Renowned as one of the most densely-populated cities in the world, Hong Kong is facing substantial columbarium shortage due to the lack of available land. Not-In
How development regulation costs have exacerbated Hong Kong’s housing shortage | South China Morning Post
Who’s to blame for land shortage?
In fact, it is Hong Kong legislators, those who are supposed to represent the benefits and demands of their constituents, who must take at least part of the responsibility. Every time the government proposes a land reclamation bill, certain members of the legislature will swiftly voice their oppositions and obtain backing from environmental groups.
Hong Kong's data centre dreams hit by crippling land shortage | Hongkong Business
Land bonds pushed to ease shortage
University of Hong Kong scholars have proposed a new approach to solving the chronic land shortage – issuing bonds. According to academics in the HKU Ronald Coase Centre for Property Rights
Give the job of finding land to a dedicated body to solve Hong Kong’s land shortage crisis. says advisory task force | South China Morning Post

Land and labor shortage causing major problems|Top …

Under these conditions, the problem of scarcity of land will get more severe, which will inevitably hinder Hong Kong’s development. Apart from a shortage of land, another problem is the shortage
Hong Kong to store water inside mountains to free up scarce land - News - GCR
Hong Kong’s land shortage over the next
Hong Kong’s land shortage over the next three decades will be even worse than previously thought, government officials said. See more of Nature and Smart Technology on
Reclaim more land in Hong Kong so people can live with dignity | South China Morning Post

Is insufficient land supply the root cause of housing …

However, simply increasing the land supply to developers will not solve the housing shortage in Hong Kong. Instead, the conditions surrounding the supplied land should be improved in order to increase the corresponding housing price to cover the reduction in the internal rate of return, which will motivate developers to supply new houses.
Hong Kong’s housing shortage is not one of needs but of aspirations | South China Morning Post
Land and Housing Supply in Hong Kong
 · PDF 檔案Land and Housing Supply in Hong Kong 1 Land Supply Forum, Apr, 2016 Edward Yiu 姚松炎 Associate Director, IOFC 未來城市研究所副所長
Hong kong's highrise toothpick apartments. Hong kong's serious land shortage resulted in developers building tall and thin apartments known as ...

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 · PDF 檔案The acute land shortage in Hong Kong further pushes housing prices to unprecedented highs. Mrs. Cheung, our executive director, as a member of the Hong Kong Housing Authority’s Subsidized Housing Committee, seeks to find feasible solutions to the 3 Fri
Hong kong's highrise toothpick apartments. Hong kong's serious land shortage resulted in developers building tall and thin apartments known as ...

Hong Kong’s land shortage forces bereaved to sea

Hong Kong’s land shortage forces bereaved to sea published : 3 Jul 2012 at 12:48 writer: AFP 0 0 Even death does not provide relief from soaring property prices in Hong Kong, where those seeking a
Land Sharing Pilot Scheme could be a partial relief for the pressing housing shortage | Our Hong Kong Foundation

No shortage of difficulties in implementing task force’s …

A Hong Kong government-appointed task force is adamant the eight options it shortlisted to resolve the city’s land supply problems are endorsed by most of the city’s residents but the difficulties in implementing them are here to stay in the coming years despite the
The great Hong Kong land debate

Hong Kong’s land shortage is forcing international …

Hong Kong’s land shortage is forcing international schools to set up campuses in old commercial buildings like disused shopping centres South China Morning Post Dipublikasikan 16.12, 24/12/2019 Privately owned international schools looking for
Will public-private partnership approach solve housing shortage in Hong Kong? | South China Morning Post

Stanley Wong didn’t have to help try to solve Hong …

Stanley Wong Yuen-fai could have chosen to continue enjoying the cushy, retired life of a banker, but instead he accepted the challenge of leading the group tasked with mapping Hong Kong’s route out of its land shortage crisis. For the past 16 months, Wong, chairman of the government-appointed Task Force on Land Supply, has been […]
Shortage of land in Hong Kong? Not if what there is already were utilised smartly | South China Morning Post
The land resource and landuse of Hong Kong
The urban development is a decisive factor for the landuse of the territory of Hong Kong, as a realm of a world city. A speed-up change of the landuse structure of Hong Kong and some contradictions in the landuse have been revealed after a brief mentioning of the characteristics of the limited land resources of Hong Kong. Hong Kong consists of peninsula and islands dominated by hilly terrain
Budget overlooks housing supply shortage | Our Hong Kong Foundation

Is insufficient land supply the root cause of housing …

 · As one of the most densely populated cities in the world, Hong Kong’s housing shortage has become a severe social issue, together with its high property prices and rents (Policy Address, 2014).In 2013, there was 76 square kilometers of residential land in Hong
Converting old civil servants’ buildings multiplies the number of flats and could help relieve Hong Kong’s land shortage. say analysts | South ...

MACAU DAILY TIMES 澳門每日時報 » Letter to the Editor …

The report proposes that Hong Kong is not in urgent need of land, but the rationalized and maximized utilization of the existing area. Nowadays, only 25 percent of Hong Kong’s 1106-square
Mansion Global Daily: U.K.'s Priciest Streets. Hong Kong's Solution to Land Shortage and More - Mansion Global

Hong Kong Real Estate: Is The Lack Of Land A Myth?

 · In Hong Kong, Hang Lung’s home base, the real estate market is renowned for the fact that it is concentrated in the hands of a few. Among the 14 wealthiest real estate moguls in Asia, seven are