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More distally, the lingual nerve started to communicate with the hypoglossal nerve before passing the anterior border of the hyoglossus muscle. Nerve communications were also found in the main body and near the apex of the tongue.
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Medical definition of lingual nerve: a branch of the mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve supplying the anterior two thirds of the tongue and responding to stimuli of pressure
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 · Other articles where Lingual nerve is discussed: human nervous system: Mandibular nerve: …floor of the mouth (lingual nerve), and (4) the mandibular teeth (inferior alveolar nerve). Skin over the lateral and anterior surfaces of the mandible and the lower lip is served
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A neurofibroma of the lingual nerve is a rare clinical finding , the most common lesion site of a lingual neurofibroma being the tongue摘要源自于舌神經之神經纖維瘤在臨床上極為少見,病灶處以舌頭最常出現。 Herein , we report a case of lingual nerve neurofibroma that presented as a submandibular mass , mimicking a submandibular gland tumor or solitary lymphadenopathy
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 · PDF 檔案to protect the nerve in the flap, and the tissue should be managed gently. On the lingual side, it is also rec-ommended that vertical releasing incisions should be avoided. Although the position of the lingual nerve at the third molar region was studied,6,7,10,13 its course an
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Lingual nerve injury is a common complication following dental and medical procedures. The clinical presentation of lingual nerve injury, its epidemiology, predisposing factors, and

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 · Lingual nerve damage is frequent complication after dental extraction; the most common is after third molar extraction. Lingual nerve can also be damaged during facial surgery, or as a result of facial fractures. This nerve is a branch of one of the twelve cranial nerves
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1 Robinson PP, Smith KG . Lingual nerve damage during lower third molar removal: a comparison of two surgical techniques. Br Dent J 1996; 180: 456–461. Article Google Scholar 2
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Selectivity of lingual nerve fibers to chemical stimuli.
Individual lingual nerve fibers were characterized with regard to their conduction velocities, receptive fields, and response to thermal, mechanical, and chemical stimuli. Fibers were classified as C, A delta, A beta, cold, and warm. The chemical stimuli included
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 · I am starting this blog to connect with others who live or have lived with lingual nerve damage and pain. It doesn’t matter how you came to have lingual nerve damage, but I would like to limit the discussions to lingual nerve issues (tongue-specific) versus other facial
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The lingual nerve also carries a branch of the facial nerve called the chorda tympani which splits off the lingual nerve before the tongue is innervated and provides the sensation of taste to the anterior (front) two-thirds of the tongue.
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 · PDF 檔案Repair of 222 Lingual Nerve Injuries Shahrokh C. Bagheri, DMD, MD,* Roger A. Meyer, DDS, MD, † Husain Ali Khan, DMD, MD,‡ Amy Kuhmichel, DMD, and Martin B. Steed, DDS Purpose: Injury to the lingual nerve (LN) is a known complication associated
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The hypoglossal nerve is the twelfth cranial nerve, and innervates all the extrinsic and intrinsic muscles of the tongue, except for the palatoglossus which is innervated by the vagus nerve. It is a nerve with a solely motor function.The nerve arises from the hypoglossal nucleus in the medulla as a number of small rootlets, passes through the hypoglossal canal and down through the neck, and
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Lingual nerve: The lingual nerve is a branch of the mandibular division of the trigeminal nerve supplying the anterior two thirds of the tongue and responding to stimuli of pressure, touch, and temperature 3. Nerve injury 1) Neuropraxia : refers to local myelin injury
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 · PDF 檔案The lingual nerve arises from the posterior division of the mandibular nerve in the infratemporal fossa on the medial aspect of the lateral pterygoid, where it is joined by the chorda tympani carrying preganglionic parasympathetic and taste fibres [l]. It between the
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 · CONCLUSION Lingual nerve retraction represented a risk factor to temporary lingual nerve damage during mandibular third molar surgery. PURPOSE The objective of this study was to clinically evaluate the frequency, type, and risk factors for lingual nerve damage after mandibular third molar surgery with reference to lingual flap retraction.
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Lingual Nerve Damage in Extraction of Wisdom Tooth – $1 Million Verdict The patient/plaintiff in this case, a woman in her early thirties, presented to the defendant for removal of tooth #17, an impacted wisdom tooth. The plaintiff alleged permanent lingual nerve

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12. Iwanaga J, Choi PJ, Vetter M, Patel M, Kikuta S, Oskouian RJ, Tubbs RS (2018) Anatomical study of the lingual nerve and inferior alveolar nerve in the pterygomandibular space: complications of the inferior alveolar nerve block. Cureus 10:e3109 PubMed PubMed