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Samui is a minor character from Naruto. She is a jonin from Kumogakure. She is Atsui’s sister. 1 Personality 2 Abilities 3 Weakness 4 Stats 5 Battle 6 Trivia Samui is a stoic and calm person. She is mostly expressionless. In her battle against the Gold and Silver Brothers, she usually likes to use the word cool in her sentences. And since her name translates to the word cool, Samui acts calm
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Ko Samui
Ko Samui is a beautiful island in the Gulf of Thailand. Located around 700km south-east of Bangkok, the capital of Thailand, Ko Samui covering an area of 229km² is the second largest island of Thailand, the largest one being the Phuket. The place offers a choice to you: you may select commercialized beaches or select ones, which are comparatively calm and quite. The island of Ko Samui has a
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Samui is a kunoichi from the Hidden Cloud Vllage and the leader of Team Samui. 1 MINI SERIES ARC 2 Halloween special 3 Apperance 4 Personality Samui is an upcoming character from the Naruto series who will make her debut in the second part to the halloween special. She appeared alongside Nick who introduces her to Andre but she acts rather uniterested and cold toward the both of them. Samui is
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Ko Samui
Koh Samui o isla Samui (en idioma tailandés:เกาะสมุย) es una isla en la provincia de Surat Thani, situada en la costa este del istmo de Kra en Tailandia, cerca de la ciudad de Surat Thani. Es la tercera isla más grande de Tailandia, con un área de 228,7 km² y una población de más de 50.000 habitantes. La isla cuenta con
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Samui was a jonin-level kunoichi from Kumogakure. 1 History 2 Personality 3 Abilities 3.1 High Chakra Level 3.2 Expert Swordsman 4 Plot 4.1 Part II 4.1.1 Revival of Indra Arc 4.1.2 Final Battle Arc 5 Legacy Samui | N4rut0t3nmu Wiki | Fandom Games Movies TV
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Koh Samui là một đảo thuộc tỉnh Surat Thani (hay Ko Samui, tiếng Thái: เกาะสม ย).Đảo này nằm ở ngoài khơi bờ đông eo đất Kra ở Thái Lan, gần thị xã Sura Thani trong đất liền.Đây là đảo lớn thứ ba của Thái Lan với diện tích 228,7 km² và dân số trên 50.000 người (năm 2008).
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Samui Kazene
GENDER Genderless VOICE RANGE D#3 ~ B4 RELATIONSHIP Ao Neonne (fellow unloid) Sundara Fana (fellow unloid, probably their crush) Atsui Fajro (fellow unloid) AGE Around 11-14 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE None WEIGHT 39 kg (89 lbs) CHARACTER ITEM
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Der Flughafen Ko Samui (offiziell Samui International Airport: „Internationaler Flughafen Samui“, Thai: ท่าอากาศยานนานาชาติสมุย) ist ein kleiner, von 1982 bis 1989 gebauter thailändischer Flughafen. Es ist der einzige Flughafen der Insel Ko Samui. Anfangs wurde er nur von der Gesellschaft
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Samus Aran
With the death of the planet Phaaze, Samus Aran’s arduous fight against Phazon has ended. However, in the vast regions of space, this victory is just a twinkle of a star, spreading the light of hope through the darkness. „ —Aurora Unit 242, during the credits of Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
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Ko Samui Space in Samui fast connection

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Samui is a character from the Naruto anime and manga. One of Killer Bee’s students and the leader of their three-man cell. Currently serving in the First Division of the Allied Shinobi Forces, but got sealed away by Ginkaku. She and her brother are later freed by Darui. In the XP4 fics, Samui is part of the Heroes Coalitions and is a member of the Pact. She also attends the Vanguard Academy as
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The Family
Samui 54 Red, Back of Right Hip Sara 55 Red, Right Hand Between Thumb & Index Finger Sasame 65 Red, Small of Back Selphie 71 Green, Outer Left Thigh Sen 71 Green, Top of Foot Seramu 56 Red, Right Hand Between Thumb and Index Finger 37 Shiho 17
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蘇梅國際機場(英文,泰文,Samui International Airport,2004年鋪咗柏油路面。
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Ko Samui (ili Koh Samui, เกาะสม ย ; ili često jednostavno Samui) je otok u Tajlandskom zaljevu, uz obalu Malajskog poluotoka, ujedno i treći po veličini otok u Tajlandu, površine 228,7km 2, populacije preko 50.000 (prema podacima iz 2008.).Bogat je prirodnim
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Dj Samui biography
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For more information go to the Narutopedia on this topic: Warning: Article may or may not contain SPOILERS from the Naruto series. Read at your own risk! Samui (サムイ Samui) is a kunoichifromKumogakure. 1 Appearance 2 Personality 3 Plot 4 Trivia Samui is a
,ท าอากาศยาน สม ย)係泰國南部素叻他尼府(簡稱素叻府)蘇梅島上嘅機場,同埋曼谷航空公司嘅主場。 家下起咗一條二千米長嘅跑道,原先佢係土質地,唔係幾啱大型飛機升降