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Social Bonds: the next frontier for ESG investors
Unlike social impact bonds – whose payout to investors, usually from a government, is contingent on the success of the targeted social programme -proceeds from social bonds are channelled to areas such as education, healthcare, housing and employment.
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Social bonds have recently emerged as the popular source of sustainable financing and have gained significant traction among issuers and investors. A number of social issues have arisen as a result of the pandemic, turning the spotlight on social bonds, as many investors see these financing instruments as an innovative way to address COVID-19-related issues, while meeting their funding needs.
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Social Bonds: A significant financing opportunity amid …

• In the coming months, we expect social bonds market to emerge at the fastest pace, which would take the total share to beyond the current c.24% of total ESG volume (c. USD52bn) • Economists agree that the pandemic has caused a huge shakeup in
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Social bond issuance soars on back of coronavirus crisis
Social bonds emerged in 2010, when Social Finance, a British not-for-profit consultancy, raised 5 million pounds ($6.5 million) to help reduce reoffending among short-sentenced offenders leaving
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Social bonds are on the rise as issuers raise capital to tackle Covid-19. This is a major shift in the sustainable capital markets. Will it last? How has the social bond market developed in the past year? In July 2019, investors were found to be gradually building their social bond portfolios, but lack of supply was hindering the creation of dedicated social bond funds.
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Social bonds These issuances address social sustainability challenges through contributions to economic systems key to human development (education, healthcare, social development, social housing and relevant activities of local authorities) and that could potentially seek to benefit people who live and work in economically and/or socially disadvantaged areas or communities.
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Table: the top global social impact bonds
Social impact bonds, first pioneered by the UK in 2010 to help prevent reoffending among former prisoners, are structures through which private investors fund innovative approaches to social issues.
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Social Impact Bonds

Social Impact Bonds provide investment to address social problems and look to fund preventative interventions. They link financial success to the delivery of measured social outcomes. If, and only if, the social outcome improves, the outcome payor repays the investors for their initial investment plus a return for the financial risks they took.
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Social impact bonds—also known as social benefit bonds—pay a return to an investor when an agreed social benefit outcome has been achieved by a service provider. These social benefits might be anything from improving conditions for people experiencing chronic homelessness to improving employment outcomes for long-term unemployed young adults.
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Prospects for green bonds and social impact bonds
Sustainability bonds have been on the rise for the past few years. Despite the current economic crisis, 2020 is expected to be a year of growth for both green bonds and social impact bonds. At a Refinitiv webinar, experts analyzed the prospects for sustainability
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Social bonds displayed on LGX All social bonds Sustainability standards and labels A number of different standards, frameworks, taxonomies, methodologies and labels are included in the LGX eligibility criteria: Bond standards: ICMA’s Green Bond Principles
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Responding to COVID-19 through Social Bonds
 · Responding to COVID-19 through Social Bonds Published by Noelia Ferrerolopez on April 7, 2020 April 7, 2020 By Kevin Ranney on Apr 8, 2020 I n the space of four months since the first cases of COVID-19 were diagnosed in Wuhan, China, the virus has. As a
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Social bonds have been around for a while. French industrial group Air Liquide issued a ‘socially responsible bond’ in 2012, and principles for issuance were published by the International Capital Market Association (Icma) two years later. Yet, until this year the
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This primer explains how theme bonds can help finance coronavirus disease (COVID-19) recovery programs and projects while catering to specific targets such as environmental sustainability, infrastructure development, and social protection.
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Social bonds and sustainability bonds could be introduced in Taiwan by the end of this year at the earliest, as the Financial Supervisory Commission (FSC) encourages companies to secure proceeds for their environmental or social projects, Securities and Futures Bureau (SFB) Director Sam Chang (張振山) told a forum on Taiwan’s capital market on Friday. The bonds are the commission’s
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Social bonds can be an optimal fit in the thematic pocket of investors’ fixed income portfolios to add diversification, to serve as a solid platform for engagement with issuers on social themes and as a guarantee of measurable impact reporting to avoid ‘social
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Understanding Green, Social and Sustainability Bonds
Sustainable bonds, which include green, social, sustainability and sustainability-linked bonds, can offer a range of potential benefits including: Mitigating physical, transition, and long-term sustainability risk and seizing potential opportunities : The long-term challenge of decarbonizing the economy in a socially equitable way comes with risks, but it also offers opportunities for active
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Social impact bonds have been linked to national outcome based facilities to grow in scale and impact. Key words : Inclusive businesses; impact investment; public-private partnership; pay-for-success; social benefit bonds; results-based financing; outcome-based financing